Freitag, 6. April 2012

But to die by your side

Ich bin ganz überwältigt von den ganzen Klicks und Shares, die ich heute bekommen habe :)
Hier kommt jetzt ein Kodak Prof BW 400 CN 35mm, den mir mein Bruder zu Weihnachten geschenkt hat. Eine wirklich feine Sache ist, dass der Film in C-41 entwickelt wird - das sagt jetzt vielleicht nicht allen was. C-41 ist die Emulsion, mit der üblicher Farbnegativfilm entwickelt wird und daher ist die Standardentwicklung am günstigsten. Schwarz-Weiß-Film kann beim entwickeln schon mal ganz schön teuer werden, weshalb dieser Film Entwicklungskosten spart. Jedoch zeigt der Film manchmal verschiedene Einfärbung, also Grün- oder Rosastich und wer mal Lady Grey hatte, der will wahrscheinlich bis ans Ende seines Lebens Lady Grey.
I'm totally amazed by all the clicks and shares I got today! :)
Here's a Kodak Prof BW 400 CN 35mm my brother gave me for Christmas. The film gets developed in C-41, which is a great thing - maybe not everyone knows what that means, so... C-41 is the regular development for color negativ film and therefore the cheapest development. Black-and-white film can be quite expensive, so this film can save on development costs. But this film tends to show a touch of pink or green and anyone who ever shot Lady Grey, will love that Lady til the end of time.

That was so cute! I ordered  a tripod and left the box on the floor and our little kitty took a nap on it. I don't know why, but cats really love boxes. They sleep in them, lie in them, smell them... That's kinda weird.

Unfortuantely out of focus

Again out of focus.


  1. Stunning pictures! What camera did you use? And by the way, I love the photo with the back out of focus, I think it's perfect this way.

    Karine (@sweetyyydreams on Lomo)

    1. Thanks a lot! Yeah, you were just liking on Lomography :) I will look through your images in some seconds :)
      Umm, I used a Zenit 11 for most pictures. I got it from Lomography, though I think it's currently not available. As far as I know the Zenit E takes very similar pictures, but looks a bit different and has a lightning meter I think (people say the Zenit 11 should also have one, but I never found out what the hell this should be...)
      Thanks so much! :)